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How To Test for Vein Disease

During your diagnosis at OC VeinCare, a vascular ultrasound will be used to identify the exact cause of your vein problem. With the results of the ultrasound, Dr. Altuwaijri will create a treatment plan specific to your needs.

Ultrasound Testing of Leg Veins

Your consultation visit will begin with a history and physical examination by Dr. Maraya Altuwaijri. Following the initial exam, an ultrasound of your legs will outline your unique anatomy and distinguish any abnormal valves in your leg veins. This painless test is performed in a relaxed office environment under the guidance of our Registered Vascular Technologist. Part of the ultrasound examination will be in the standing up position on a specialized ultrasound platform and part of the test will be while laying down.

Ultrasound images and details will be reviewed by Dr. Altuwaijri creating a final report. This ultrasound test will be used to determine your specific vein anatomy, detect any clots in the veins, identify the direction of blood flow and the severity of vein valve leak contributing to your symptoms, varicose veins or advanced complications of vein disease.

Dr. Altuwaijri will be able to combine the results of the physical exam and the ultrasound to determine the source of your vein problem and how best to treat your varicose veins. OC VeinCare’s treatment options are minimally invasive, and are performed in the office while fully awake and without sedation, with immediate return to work and everyday life – no trips to the hospital or surgery center will be necessary.

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